Just Bloomed

Meet Grace

Our Journey

When Grace was born, breastfeeding quickly became the name of the game to feed, soothe, and help the baby (and her parents!) get some sleep. Although not without challenges, nursing soon became a treasured time for Anne and Grace to bond and cuddle.

A few months later Anne was ready to start working out and teaching yoga again. She entered the uncharted territory of continuing to nurse while also trying to get active. That's when she realized that none of her old workout shirts were up to the challenge. And the concept of Just Bloomed was born! 

Anne partnered up with two long-time friends, Sue and Katie, to design a new type of workout shirt tailored to the needs of nursing moms. 


Our COMMITment

We understand the unique needs of a breastfeeding mother. With our shirts you can:

  • Comfortably exercise
  • Breastfeed without having to change
  • Feel confident in your body

We are committed to bringing  comfort and convenience to your life with our supportive and flattering clothes.

We believe that every new mother should be able to feel confident about the shape of her body and enjoy each moment with her baby, all while living a healthy lifestyle.
— Just Bloomed