Just Bloomed

Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding


Now that her twins are almost two, Just Bloomed co-founder Anne is feeling the difficulty of saying goodbye to breastfeeding.

I'm having one of those sentimental days. Somebody was asking me today how old my girls are now and I rattled off that at the end of the summer Grace will be 4 and the twins will be 2.

Wait, what?!

I know, it could not be any more cliche. But I can't help it. They are not babies any more, any of them. And one of the real indicators of that is that the twins are really just about done nursing. We are down to once per day and sometimes go days without nursing at all. To be honest, I am conflicted about this. I am ready to completely wean the twins. We made it to a year and beyond, and I think we are at a mutual end point - I don't offer and (mostly) they don't ask. But that means they are not babies anymore! Which is fine because we are all sleeping now but they are not babies anymore! Which is great because we can do more things and go more places and they are a little more independent - but they are not babies anymore!

 babies at the beach

I could on and on like this, obviously. And, really, I have enjoyed each and every stage (well, except the non-sleeping one) and look forward to all the future stages. But sometimes I'm just shocked that they are not babies anymore!

How did you feel when you stopped nursing your last baby?