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Motherhood, Sisterhood, Personhood

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There is a lot of talk about the "mommy wars" these days how much parents are judging each other when really everyone is just trying do their best for their children.  Check out Mama Said's important contribution to the discussion and take a look at their website to see all the ways they are supporting mothers in their journey.  ~Anne

I was recently lured in by some “click bait” about a mother gorilla, her newborn child, and her older toddler. On the surface, this was simply a cute video of the three gorillas interacting very sweetly. If I didn’t spend as much time as I do thinking about motherhood and how it’s perceived and depicted, I would likely have moved on as soon as the video was over, but something about the accompanying article struck me. 

The author consistently commented on how this mama gorilla was such a “good mother.” Our culture generally and media specifically give a lot of attention to the label “good mother” and apparently, this moniker can also be applied to animals. What makes a person or gorilla a “good mother” though? Who decides the criteria and who passes the final judgement? 

I would argue that much of the time we are all participating in these judgmental processes towards moms either consciously or subconsciously.  What if we were to put away our magnifying glasses and inspector’s gloves and extend a helping hand instead? 

At Mama Said, we understand the constant pressure that mothers experience in an effort to hit the moving target of “good mother” status. Mama Said’s approach resists the notion that motherhood should look or be perfect.  We believe that more of us need to celebrate and support mothers, and most importantly, mamas need to feel that support and value. 

Mama Said’s tagline is “motherhood, sisterhood, personhood.” Our services are designed to offer moms an opportunity to focus on being parents, but also focus on themselves without judgment. We seek to connect communities of women through programs that emphasize health and fulfillment and meet moms wherever they are in their journeys through motherhood.

Beyond our one-off programs to individual groups of mamas, our goal is to improve the experience of mothers everywhere. We seek to partner with other businesses and organizations to help them recruit and retain women as this relates to motherhood. Mama Said is dedicated to demonstrating how mothers impact bottom lines as customers and employees. We believe that women should not have to choose between family and career. Our services and trainings help workplaces become more informed, sensitive, and proactive about the experience of motherhood. 

I invite you to explore our website mamasaidphl.com to learn more about the workshops we offer, mamas who inspire us, conversations we’re having about modern motherhood, and how we hope to reshape current tensions between work and family through our services.

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