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All of our birth stories are different, and sometimes difficult. Our co-founder Sue takes a moment to share her breastfeeding journey with baby Connor.

As a mom who has never breast fed her baby, I know that I haven't had the same experience as most of our readers and customers. But maybe by sharing my story I can reach another mom who was also unaware of the options available.

When my son was born, we had some complications following his birth. Due to that, I was on some pretty heavy medications and therefore I was unable to breastfeed. My son was in the NICU for about 10 days. The nurses cared for him during that time like he was their own, and they did everything the could to help him including feeding him. The nurses gave him formula the hospital uses for any baby that needs it. My "little guy" who was over 10 lbs. was the champ eater of the NICU! These nurses did nothing wrong and took great care of him.

What a healthy eater!

Fast forward 7 years... I now know  that even though I couldn't breastfeed my baby on my own, there were other options to make it happen. I wish someone from the hospital also knew that and had offered it to me. I found out later that there are breast milk banks that mothers can use to help feed their baby when their own body can't, or when they need to supplement their supply. These milk banks* receive donations from mothers all across the country who are willing to go through the screening process to help another mom out. There are also milk-sharing websites where mothers can donate their own milk to mothers and babies in need. Talk about having a village to raise a child!

I had a great, healthy pregnancy and never thought this was something I'd have to plan for, but emergencies happen. Even if you don't need the help you can still get involved by becoming a donor. You can locate your local non-profit bank through the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). And visit the milk-sharing websites Human Milk for Human Babies and Eats on Feets.

*Beware: there are some for-profit banks that charge $184/ounce. Ouch!

Sue with her healthy and strong baby boy.