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Thanks for visiting us at Just Bloomed! We are Anne, Katie, and Sue - three long-time friends who decided to bring Anne’s great idea to life.

We are two social workers and a former meteorologist, which means that we had a lot to learn when it came to designing and producing our clothes. So, how did we start a business in an entirely new industry while working our regular full-time jobs? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are women and mothers! I stumbled across this great article that shared the “most memorable business mantras” of Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful” - Kevin O’Leary. And #5 is very interesting:

            “At the start of 2015, O’Leary wrote off one-third of the 27 businesses he still held in his business portfolio from 'Shark Tank.' He then analyzed the remaining businesses to see what they had in common so that he could make better investing decisions in the future. What was the one common thread that all of his high performing businesses had? They were all led by women.”

How about that! O'Leary says that the entrepreneurs who can really get things done are busy moms who can "juggle a million things at once." We know how difficult it can be to balance our families, jobs, and business, but we make it work by constantly staying in touch through email and texts. It's great to have partners you can rely on who are also terrific friends!

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