Just Bloomed

Finding the Raw Beauty in Motherhood

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Anne has her hands full with 12-week old twins and a rambunctious two-year old. It's not always easy, but she's finding more and more beauty in motherhood. Here's more of her story...

The past few weeks I've gotten myself together enough to make it out to a couple of my local breastfeeding support groups. It was so nice to be able to just sit and be with other moms with newborns and ask questions, share experiences, and just offer support.  And not feel bad for having left the house in sweats...again. It made me remember why we named our company Just Bloomed.

I remember being pregnant with Grace and people were talking about the pregnant glow, and how pregnant women in general always look healthy and in bloom. But then you have the baby and nobody is commenting about how healthy and glowing you look anymore. In fact, people don't comment about how you look at all because, let's face it, the postpartum look doesn't exactly fit in with our society's beauty ideal. Everyone focuses on the baby and how cute they are. When they do this though they are missing the real bloom, a woman who has bloomed into motherhood.

A mother who loves her new baby so much is putting her whole self into taking care of the baby. It's not always pretty with the sleepless nights, endless wet and poopy diapers, spit-up, leaking boobs. Actually, it can be pretty raw. But it is beautiful. It is beautiful to watch that bond develop as mom and baby learn about each and bloom into their new roles. And it should be celebrated. 

Let's face it, pregnancy is just the beginning and, in the scheme of things, it's pretty short.  Being a mom is forever (believe me, that reality is really sinking in for me) and moms should continue to be acknowledged as beautiful as they have just bloomed into their new life role.