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The Adventure that is Tandem Nursing

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Anne's twins are nearly six weeks old! Here's the latest on her adventure.

I am officially a tandem nurser. This was never something I thought I would do, but then I never though I'd have twins either so add it to the list! 

 Maeve and Elizabeth in their first week.

Maeve and Elizabeth in their first week.

My beautiful identical twin girls were born about six weeks ago and we figured out how to tandem nurse pretty darn quickly. Let's be honest, if we hadn't I would seriously never ever be doing anything other than nursing. Nursing one baby can be time consuming let alone two! I nurse both girls at the same time, so sometimes I get to grab something to eat and make a trip to the bathroom. I thought it would be weird to nurse two babies at the same time. It was for maybe a day but now it's part of our routine and to be honest we all really like it now. It's our special cuddle time and I am making my way though every show I've always wanted to watch on Netflix (suggestions welcome!). 

Thankfully, these two are good nursers and it has been so much easier the second time around than it was the first. Seriously, so much easier. However, there was something that nobody warned me about and so I will warn you now. You know how they say that one of the benefits of breastfeeding is that it helps the uterus contract more quickly? What they do not tell you is that with each pregnancy the cramping that accompanies this contracting becomes more intense. I was not prepared for this at all and thought I was in labor again and maybe delivering a third baby. Brutal. Fortunately it really only lasted a day. But, just so you know, it's a real thing.

My time for writing has run out...the girls are hungry (and Rachel Ray is coming on)!  Enjoy the fall weather and check back often to see what's new at Just Bloomed!